The Ultimate Bali Escape

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There are hundreds of ways to do Bali, so we asked thousands of expats, locals and regular's to share their insider knowledge on our platform. We've now got a wealth of inspirational lists and insider knowledge for almost anything on Bali. So start browsing and discover places you never knew existed with Bali's most popular Travel site.


30 of the most popular Villas / Resorts in Bali based on user feedback and our audiences reviews.


Nothing soothes the soul like nature. Ubud is full of the greenest of green landscapes and amazing hotels that are built with being close to nature in mind.


Offering an unparalleled collection of the best villas in Bali and Lombok, you can rent private holiday homes with secure booking and exemplary personalised service through the experts in the business.


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Great private villas for al budgets in the Uluwatu area


Here is a collection of some of our favourite Bali villas for 2018. With so much to choose from, these have been visited, and verified as villas we love!


We just felt we needed to share these properties... as the most breathtaking accommodation in Bali


Here is a list which includes all the villas in uluwatu for $300-$500 / night For more info on anything to do with Bali please email me at