The Ultimate Bali Escape

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6 bedroom luxury pool villas with staff and resort amenities


Finding the right places to fit a large group altogether is a nightmare, we've created this list of resort villas that can suit groups from 20-70 people in arrangements of villas on the one property so even in your group can be together in one place.


Celebrations at any of these beautiful Bali party villas would be an amazing experience, where it would be a crime to not take advantage of all of these amazing villas. For any parties, corporate bashes or weddings contact us to get the best rates!

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Created for Jee looking for Villa Complex in Seminyak accommodate up to 30 people (2 -5 Dec 2016)


For those who'd choose Bali as their heaven to be livin' in while Schoolies Week. Need more information?


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Have a plan to Bali with your large group? Searching for hotels which provide a lots of rooms? Check this list to get so much rooms in Bali!