The Ultimate Bali Escape

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There are hundreds of ways to do Bali, so we asked thousands of expats, locals and regular's to share their insider knowledge on our platform. We've now got a wealth of inspirational lists and insider knowledge for almost anything on Bali. So start browsing and discover places you never knew existed with Bali's most popular Travel site.


If you're a luxury traveller, Bali is the place for you. There are plenty of world-class resorts to choose from with unparalled facilities and service. Here is a list of our Top 10


If you’re heading to Canggu, and you’re not worried about splashing out a little on luxury accommodation, here are our top picks!


Handpicked selection and recommendations from our team of the most luxurious Resorts in Seminyak. We've searched through thousands of Seminyak resorts and picked our favourite and best value for money resorts so you don't need to.


If you're a luxury traveller looking for some sweet digs in Bali, here is a list for you


It appears as though only mountains of cash can keep you safe from dingy guesthouses with dirty archaic toilets, but guess what? With just USD $220, you too can live like a king in Bali. Don’t believe us? Here’s 9 Bali luxury stays where you can experience royal treatment during your stay in Bali – and yet don’t have to stitch up a massive hole in your pocket!


The best luxury hotels in Bali are for those who desire the best, and need more than the traditional offerings of a hotel. Bali is home to among the best luxury hotels and most luxurious resorts in the world. But where should you stay to enjoy the best services, accommodation features and the highest level of hospitality an island resort has to offer? We hope this nifty selection of the most popular luxury resorts in Bali provides you with the answer. - See more at:


One of the best things to be found in Bali, are the incredibly luxurious villas with spectacular ocean views. Imagine reclining comfortably in your home away from home, to a view of the sparkling Indian Ocean spread out before your eyes.


This accommodation is very suitable for you who want to arrange a romantic honeymoon for your loved one or just want a private place in…


With beautiful long, white sand beaches, and the warm hospitality that the Balinese people are known for, it’s obvious why everyone would like a vacation…


Staying in one of these absolute beautiful rooms will refresh your soul.


Best accom that are close to the Suluban beach and swimming area ( great location )


Designed for luxurious retreats, Nusa Dua is an all-inclusive, upscale enclave for the perfect getaway in beautiful Bali.


Our favourite places to stay in hip Canggu


Created for Carly Franklin looking for ocean view Villas under US$500


Some of the top end Villas / Resorts in Uluwatu that I love!


Villas i would like to stay at

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