The Ultimate Bali Escape

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There are hundreds of ways to do Bali, so we asked thousands of expats, locals and regular's to share their insider knowledge on our platform. We've now got a wealth of inspirational lists and insider knowledge for almost anything on Bali. So start browsing and discover places you never knew existed with Bali's most popular Travel site.


Each week, more than 16,000 Australian tourists make the pilgrimage to the small island paradise of Bali. Some tourists go for cheap Bintang's and stunning scenery, some go for the nightlife. For some of you, it’s all about the cuisine... and lucky for you, there’s no shortage of amazing places to eat and drink in Bali, but if you follow these recommendations, you can't go wrong. Listed here is our recommendations for the BEST restaurants in Bali for 2017! Indulge in the finest dishes from all over the world and add any of these trendy hotspots to your very own to-do-list thanks to My Bali Bible!


The scenery of Bali features the most vibrant shades of green you’ll see anywhere in the world. Here are our top picks of places to hang out and enjoy the view whilst you eat!


Everyone raves about the famous 'eat street' in Bali, but we wanted to share the hot new section we call 'Eat Street 2.0'


Some of the lunch spots to visit and experience in Ubud!


Some amazing lunch spots to check out in Seminyak


Hand-picked best restaurants in Bali to have Christmas Lunch & Dinner with your loved ones.


You need to give these restaurants a go. Middle of the range in price and a really good feed.


Some of these are better than others, but all are unreal. You should check them out!


There really is something for everyone, and almost everyone has something to celebrate when in Bali. These restaurants are our favourites for occasions....

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